Tern Water believes that every human has the right have access to clean and sustainable water. Tern Water has created the Smart Faucet. By targeting the most common point of use for consumed water in the average american household, the kitchen sink, the Smart Faucet ensures Tern users have access to the cleanest drinking water possible as well as knowledge of their water.

Grovara is an end-to-end solution for USA made brands and global business buyers interested in selling their products internationally. The platform provides a B2B eCommerce marketplace with a primary focus on domestic retail packaged wellness products. The current sellers catalogue features handpicked American made food and beverage brands; while the buyer network ranges from distribution groups, mega-cap retailers, and small retail chain stores.

BioRealize has created an Automated and Networked Biolab to Design, Culture, and Test Genetically Modified Organisms. Microbial Design Studio is a countertop biofabrication machine that brings together the capabilities of a biology wetlab into a single inexpensive piece of hardware to design, culture, and test genetically modified organisms. 

Haystack is a location-based product search engine geared towards the 90% of retail which is still done in physical stores, letting users search every store’s shelves for items they are looking to buy now, and helping merchants reach customers who are looking for goods they carry.

Twine is enterprise software that helps companies identify current employees to fill open roles. Our technology applies machine learning to internal HR data to generate intelligent recommendations for promotions and lateral moves. By using Twine to drive internal mobility, enterprises significantly improve retention of top employees and reduce hiring costs.

Holistic Student Development. Understand the impact of your programs and services on student outcomes and competencies, while empowering students to identify and bridge learning gaps outside of the classroom.

RideKleen is one of North America’s leaders within the mobilized car wash industry with specialization in the carshare and corporate car wash markets, a state of the art, steam and eco-friendly car wash. Clients we work with include Fortune 1000 companies such as Enterprise, ZipCar, Best Buy, M&T Bank, FS Investments, Fast Capital 360, and Vanguard.

NeuroFlow is a digital health company changing the way we see brain health. Co-founded by Christopher Molaro, a Wharton MBA, West Point graduate and Army Combat Veteran, and Adam Pardes, a Penn bio-engineering PhD candidate, NeuroFlow uses bio-metric data in real time to analyze mental stimulation data in order to optimize mental health assessments and performance metrics.

Orai uses AI to record, transcribe and analyze your sales calls in real-time, revealing why deals are won and lost. Orai automatically scores every call on its messaging (keywords) and how confidently it is delivered. With Orai, a manager can even conduct role-plays at scale by seamlessly pushing training to the Orai mobile app.

Zeeno is an on-demand mobile app and platform that is transforming the travel and tourism industry. Zeeno eliminates the need to book tours in advance by instantly connecting travelers with local people who design and guide their own unique tours. With Zeeno, travelers simply pick a tour, book a guide, and go explore.

SocialLadder mobile app connects brands with REAL PEOPLE who are actually passionate about them — giving brands an on-demand sales team. AI techniques are used to match our network of qualified users – REAL people– with relevant brands to promote events & brands they love. Our users generated more than $5M in direct sales for our customers in 2016.

Bridge Building through Storytelling
Jabal Entertainment, a leader in intellectual property development, is committed to telling stories that elevate and educate through these “transmedia” vehicles. Teaming up with the entertainment industry’s best talents, we work hand-in-hand with content creators to produce the strongest versions of their respective narratives. Jabal uses story to build bridges…connecting people and cultures like never before.

SimUCare Inc. develops and manufactures wearable devices for healthcare simulations. It offers SimUTrach, a wearable technology used to augment standardized patients for realistic healthcare simulation education experience; and  SimUCath, a pair of shorts with sensor at the urethra and SimUGear, a simulated mucus product for simulations requiring suctioning a trach patient.

HeavyWater makes technology work for you
Technology has made rapid progress in recent years. You experience the effects every day. However, the technology community has failed to deliver the same impact on your work. At HeavyWater, we have built an intelligent technology platform to perform work the way you want it done.

Ride Health focuses on improving access to care for patients who face transportation barriers. The Company develops a software platform that helps providers coordinate transportation on behalf of such patients. The solution improves the patient and coordinator experience, reduces problematic no-shows and cancellations, and avoids hospitalizations and readmissions through improved access to care and compliance.