Brewing Success in the Craft Beer Industry

The number of Craft breweries in the US have grown from 80 in 1983 to 9500 today. Pennsylvania counts 486 craft breweries, the second highest in the country, producing over 10 gallons of beer for every adult in the state.

Lop-Sided Opportunities in Real-Estate and Economic Development

Our collective experience over the last two years of the pandemic has made us face an uncomfortable truth – regarding disaffection between workers and employers over work-life balance, the real need for commuting into an office, and embracing new options created by technology with their associated externalities.

Cybersecurity – The Discipline of Vigilance

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated, more frequent and more destructive – ranging from selling private customer data to shutting down critical businesses for ransom. The war is being waged every minute of every day on every device on every service we use. What are the tools and processes used to protect enterprise security? What does one do when security has been breached? What technologies and capabilities will drive the next phase of attacks and defense?

Shift to e-Commerce just leapfrogged 5 years – now what?

Analysts say that the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by five years. How can businesses take advantage of this shift, or is it already too late? What technologies and capabilities will drive the next phase of e-commerce enablement?